The following posters will be on display at the RSLondonSouthEast 2019 workshop:

Modernising Incompact3D

Paul Bartholomew, Sylvain Laizet, Georgios Deskos (Imperial College London)

HALO: A GPU code for calculating the non-linear evolution of MHD Eigenmodes in Tokamaks

James Buchanan (UKAEA), Michael Fitzgerald (UKAEA), Rob Akers (UKAEA), Sergei Sharapov (UKAEA), Boris Breizman (Institute for Fusion Studies, Univ. Texas at Austin)

Nektar++: An open-source spectral/hp element framework

Chris Cantwell (Imperial College London), David Moxey (University of Exeter), Andrew Comerford (Imperial College London), Alessandro Bolis (Imperial College London), Gabriele Rocco (Imperial College London), Gianmarco Mengaldo (California Institute of Technology), Daniele De Grazia (Imperial College London), Douglas Serson (Universidade de Sao Paulo), Mike Turner (Imperial College London), Julian Marcon (Imperial College London), Yan Bao (Imperial College London), Sergey Yakovlev (University of Utah), Jean-Eloi Lombard (Imperial College London), Dirk Ekelschot (Imperial College London), Bastien Jordi (Imperial College London), Hui Xu (Imperial College London), Yumnah Mohamied (Imperial College London), Claes Eskilsson (Aalborg Universitet), Blake Nelson (University of Utah), Peter Vos (Imperial College London), Cristian Biotto (Imperial College London), Joaquim Peiro (Imperial College London), Mike Kirby (University of Utah), Spencer Sherwin (Imperial College London)

Managing Parameter Constraints for the Nektar++ Spectral/hp Element Framework

Jeremy Cohen (Department of Computing, Imperial College London), Chris Cantwell (Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London), David Moxey (College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter), John Darlington (Department of Computing, Imperial College London), Spencer Sherwin (Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London)

Building our local research software community

Stefano Galvan, Chris Cantwell, Jazz Mack Smith, Katerina Michalickova, Deborah Schneider-Luftman, Lucy Whalley, Mark Woodbridge, Jeremy Cohen (Imperial College London)

Leveraging graph databases for data management

Mike Gavrielides, Shuangyan Liu, Wei Xing (The Francis Crick Institute)

There’s no ‘A’ in ‘SDLC’

Sorrel Harriet (Leeds Trinity University)

WebAssembly: run your code in the browser

Chris Richardson (University of Cambridge)

PhyDyn: A BEAST2 package for epidemiological modelling and Bayesian inference

Igor Siveroni, Erik Volz (Imperial College London)

TeSS – the ELIXIR Training Portal

Milo Thurston (OeRC, University of Oxford), Niall Beard (University of Manchester), Finn Bacall, (University of Manchester), Aleksandra Nenadic (University of Manchester), Susanna-Assunta Sansone (OeRC, University of Oxford), Carole A. Goble (University of Manchester), Teresa K. Attwood (University of Manchester)

A Generic Platform to Support Secure and Accountable Execution of Heterogeneous Workflows on Cloud and HPC Resources

Amjad Ullah, Hai-Van Dang, Huankai Chen, Tamas Kiss, Gabor Terstyanszky (University of Westminster)