Building on the growth of Research Software Engineering within the UK and internationally, Research Software London is a new community for researchers, developers and academics based at institutions in London and the South East of the UK who are involved in writing code as part of their research.
The community aims to help its members in three key areas:

  • Offering opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge through technical talks and training workshops
  • Providing networking opportunities to help build research links and potential collaborations across domains
  • Lobbying for improved career models and opportunities for research software professionals

Get involved

There are several ways to get involved with the Research Software London community:

  • Sign up to our e-mail list
  • Come along to one of our events or training workshops
  • Join our Slack channel #rslondon on UK RSE Slack
  • Propose an event that is of interest to you and others in your domain
  • Chat to your local institutional RSLondon representative